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Tired of wasting your money on bad marketing? Likes and shares don't pay the bills, new customers do. At One27media we want your business to have a constant flow of new leads and we help businesses all over the nation to get them. We do this by using targeted Facebook, Instagram, & Youtube ads. We focus only on your target audience and don't waste time on people who are a bad fit for you. 



We brought a dentist 20 new patients in under 3 days. These are actual patients who scheduled apointments. 


We created a campaign where we spent $50 in ad budget and brought a restaurant over $900 in return.  


We got a gym 38 leads in under 15 hours and had to pause the campaign so that they could follow up with all of the leads that they recieved. 

What Our Clients Think

“At the end of it, we're very happy with the results. We have at least 20 patients booked on our schedule (under 3 days). There's some months that we might not have 20 new patients calling in and booking, so we're very very happy with the results" 

Dr. Thompson

 “This promotion was extremely successful for us. I would definitely recommend working with Lee.”

Thea B

”We've done other types of ads before, but the marketing that we did with Lee has by far been the best thing that we've done by far"

 Ralph R

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